Thailand – A Festival of Colours

3 x 43 minutes
With ZDF/ARTE, 2020

The turquoise bays of the Andaman Sea, the upiquitous golden Buddha statues, the Safron yellow robes of monks and the lush green of the rice fields: Thailand is a festival of colors. On a three-part journey we discover its large, diverse landscapes. And explore the inner workings of a country that dares to leap into the future but wants to preserve its old beauty. How do nature, progress and traditions go together in Thailand today?

The series will air on ARTE on March 15th and 16th 2021 and will then be available for acquisition outside of Germany and France.



Europe’s Waterways

5 x 43 minutes
With ZDF/ARTE, 2019

This five-part ARTE découverte series features five of the most beautiful European waterways. Traveling along rivers, lakes and alluvial landscapes, we discover hidden habitats of rare animals and plants, and learn about contemporary concepts for a sustainable living with water. The series takes us to France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Holland and Belgium.

The series was broadcasted on ARTE in February 2020. It is now available for acquisition outside of Germany and France. Please contact us or our distributor LGI Media in Melbourne.